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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.

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Nanto Cleantech on EC Journal

(August 2016) – European Coatings Journal is Europe’s leading periodical journal for the coatings industry with trendsetting industry news, cutting-edge technical papers and exclusive market insights. Manufacturers and suppliers, associations and institutes use European Coatings Journal as their preferred source of information for the professional, more practical aspects of technology.

Nanto Cleantech has been chosen as innovative company on the July-August issue for a technical paper on  “Cost-effective Corrosion Barriers” with the contributions of the CEO of the company, Roberto Cafagna and the CTO Prof. Samuel Kenig.

In the article you can read how small quantities of functionalised nanoclays hold great po­tential for the performance of conventional paint systems. Exfoliation, chemical compatibility and orientation are criti­cal to enhance the barrier properties, resulting in improved corrosion resistance and fire retardancy. The novel coatings discussed in the article entail that a variety of different sub­strates can benefit from these properties.

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