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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.




Nanotechnology is not something reserved for some kind of specialized uses: in the future (and already partly in the present) it is intended to establish itself in the life of every day.

The benefits of the use of nanotechnologies must be usable by all people, without creating further inequalities between rich and poor: a more sustainable lifestyle is our ultimate purpose and we put our passion in it and our determination to make a “sustainable business” out of it.

Transparency is one of the fundamental values of our company. For this reason we manage and communicate all our initiatives in the maximum clearness. We believe that research should be understandable to the public, in full compliance with fundamental rights and well-being of individuals and society. It must also be safe, ethical and contribute to sustainable development.

For these reasons we adopt a “precautionary principle” as a new way of managing innovation, anticipating potential environmental, health and safety impacts and taking due precautions proportional to the level of protection, while encouraging progress for the benefit of society and the environment.

We conduct nanotechnology research with the best possible scientific standards, by adopting “good laboratory practices“, and our researchers and research institutions are fully liable for any environmental, social and human impacts of their research.


Sustainability through innovation is the driving force of all Nanto Cleantech activities. The company utilizes new technologies to develop advanced materials capable to meet today’s and future’s requirements in terms of competitive costs of production, durability, safety and eco-friendliness. By using proprietary technologies the company delivers and commercializes smart advanced materials, nanoadditives and nanotechnologies capable to improve the overall performances of final products, while preventing or minimizing the environmental impact deriving from industrial activities.

Nanto Cleantech technology is based on the use of raw materials that are widely available and, furthermore, on the safety and durability of the final materials. Materials need to be failure resistant and as much as possible free of hazardous chemicals in order to protect people and environment’s health.

Great efforts are spent to tackle sustainability challenges such as depletion of fossil fuel reserves, toxicity deriving from hazardous chemicals CO2 emissions.

The business strategy is strongly supported with analysis and identification of high environmental impact markets (e.g. Oil&Gas, Infrastructure, Heavy industry etc). Specific targeting of these markets drives RDD efforts towards the realization and commercialization of clean and efficient materials and cleantech solutions able to prevent human and environmental concerns/issues deriving from high risk working activities.