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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.

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Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes. It has been identified as a Key Enabling Technology (KET), together with nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials, biotechnology and photonics. KET are of fundamental relevance as they enable the development of new products and services and the renovation of industrial processes needed to modernise industry. Nanto Cleantech engineering science belongs to advanced manufacturing.

Nanto Cleantech technology will help moving towards a greener economy, providing clean processes and increasing the industry competitiveness in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.

Nanto Cleantech follows this path in its pilot plant. The pilot plant concerns the functionalization of nanoparticles to be used in the production of anticorrosion coatings for several industries.
Nanto Cleantech anticorrosion coatings production plant is a semi-industrial plant already producing quite significant quantities of anticorrosion nanoparticles currently used as additives for coating production.
The pilot plant for the preparation of functionalized nanoclay (FNCs) is based on water system and designed for specific batch preparation depending on the final activity.
Pilot plant operates for several reaction mixtures and with different polymeric matrix such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, solvent, water and powder based. Moreover Nanto Cleantech’s knowledge will be applied to the functionalization of different kind of nanoparticles for their incorporation in different matrices.

The RDD (Research, Design & Development) of the pilot plant will cover different aspects: selection of the appropriate matrix and nanoparticles, production of nanoparticles, surface functionalization and chemical treatments of nanoparticles, processing of nanocomposites, characterization of properties and performances of products, cost effective analysis, safety assessment and industrial scaling up.
Nanto Cleantech’s broad know-how will cover all these necessary steps for developing and deploying its proprietary technology.
In addition Nanto Cleantech is constantly evaluating and analysing emerging technology in advanced materials and in nanomaterial sectors.