Nanto Cleantech

Sustainable solutions for marine

Nanto Cleantech developed a biocide-free technology for antifouling applications

Durable solutions for Oil&Gas

Nanto Cleantech innovative technologies has been presented at 2018 World Gas Conference.

Clean tech designed for unique performance

Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.

Innovative Materials to Shape the Future

New patented durable superhydrophobic technologies for anti-ice application.

About us

Company Overview

company overview


Nanto Cleantech is a US based Industrial Intellectual Property and Technology Holding Company with affiliates in Europe and Israel.

The core business of the Group is to design, develop and supply advanced materials, additives, multifunctional coatings and polymers, based on proprietary patented nanotechnology and IP products, specially formulated to improve specific properties and functionalities, including anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, fire and flame retardancy, anti-stickiness, anti ice and friction reduction, for the coating and plastic industries. Nanto Cleantech solutions are suitable for a broad array of applications in several markets such as oil & gas, infrastructure, marine, energy, transportation, automotive, aerospace and 3D printing.

Nanto Cleantech ’s technology is protected by 5 families of patents granted in more than 110 countries, including Europe, USA, Israel, Japan, China, Russia, with an additional 50 country registrations ongoing. Nanto Cleantech patent portfolios are the result of more than ten years of technology scouting, research, development and design. The company is continuously striving to transfer and integrate its innovative results into advanced engineered cleantech solutions suited to overcome customer processes boundaries.