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(January 2016) – Partners of the European Project Nanoleap, led by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), meet Monday and Tuesday in the campus of the UCLM in Ciudad Real to develop a pilot plant dealing with the most promising applications of polymeric nanocomposites in the construction and engineering sector and to promote industrial application cases

During the meeting, the partners will profile a business plan of exploitation, according to the project coordinator, Professor José Luis Valverde (UCLM), to effectively support manufacturing SME’s in the implementation of research results for the development of innovative products and processes. The goal is “to allow SME’s to make a leap from laboratory-scale study to industrial production and to become more competitive “, as reported by the Castilian-La Mancha University in a press release.

Among the nanomaterials object of study are some of “great economic and industrial interest” as graphene, nanotubes and carbon nanofibers, nanoclays or titanium oxide nanoparticles.

Once processed, these products “are suitable as coatings for protection of constructions, preventing ice formation, corrosion or cracking, or to lighten the weight of the structures and improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings”.

Nanoleap project started in January 2015 and it will run until June 2017.