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America Coating Show2


(April 2016) – The fifth edition of the American Coatings Show (ACS) has been officially the most successful event in ACS history, with nearly 100 presentatio and 1,100 attendees.

Our CEO Roberto Cafagna presented on Monday, April 11th during the session dedicated to “Functional and Smart Coatings” on the topic “Anti-corrosion and fire retardant paints based on novel epoxy nanoclay composites”.

The technology of nanoclay polymer composites is currently generating a great deal of interest due to its potential cost effective advantages in reinforcement, fire retardancy and barrier properties. Incorporation of especially functionalized nanoclays (protected by patent) into proprietary coating formulations (epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, polyester resins and mixture of thereof, solvent and water based) besides providing significantly outstanding corrosion protection at competitive costs, allows to reduce heavy metals while increasing the coatings performance durability. The goal is to avoid consequences such as oil spills, flow rates drop, valves block and fail with greater frequency, production downtime and maintenance costs increase. Moreover such nanoclays, treated with protonised silane, enhance coatings fire resistance, obtaining UL 94 V-0 rating. The new formulations allow a reduction in the amount of conventional fire retardant chemicals (i.e. phosphates, brominated chemicals, amino-phosphate and antimony) reducing costs and environmental concerns (1% of treated nanoclays can reduce conventional fire retardants by more than 4% to reach the same performance level). The final goal of these novel environmental friendly products is reduction of hazardous material (e.g. ATO). The combination of the corrosion and fire retardant inhibitors are highly demanded in a variety of industries ranging from infrastructures to Oil&Gas and transportation.

We chose the stage American Coatings Show to showcase our new products, ready to be launched on the market, including the innovative NPC 10011, a lining for internal pipes with increased anti fiction and anti corrosion properties.

Our CEO Roberto Cafagna declares “The ACS gave us a unique opportunity to connect with customers, suppliers, researchers and possible partners. We are excited to be offering new families of products addressing industry needs for low VOC, durability and cost effectiveness. We proudly presented our product portfolio and have had the chance to exchange ideas, strategies and to build partnerships. I appreciated the dialog the conference creates and the meaningful discussions about the direction that the Coatings Industry needs to take”.