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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications

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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.

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A key aspect of Nanto Cleantech advanced materials is to exploit the large surface area of nanoparticle for the grafting of optimized functionalities to enhance the properties of polymers, namely: electrical-optical features, fire retardancy, barrier attributes and improved electrical conductivity.
Nanoparticles tailored functionalization opens new routes to meet critical industrial demands such as fire protection, corrosion protection, energy saving and optimized maintenance requirements.
Intelligent incorporation of Nanto Cleantech nanoadditives into polymers results in not only enhancement of their intrinsic properties but it also brings out new features. The unique use of functionalized nanoparticles turns the base materials into smart and advanced multifunctional/multipurpose materials having unexpected performances.
Nanto Cleantech nanoclay technology is cost effective for applications such as: reinforcement, fire retardancy, barrier to gases and liquid.
Nanto Cleantech pilot facility is targeted to demonstrate the possibility for industrial scale-up.
Nanto Cleantech know how is composed of several steps: selection of the appropriate matrix and nanoparticles, production of nanoparticles, surface functionalization and chemical treatments of nanoparticles; processing of nanocomposites, characterization of properties and performance of products, cost effective analysis; safety assessment industrial scaling up.