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green anti-fouling

Nanto Cleantech Inc has a new European patent for biocide-free antifouling paints

Nanto Cleantech Inc is glad to inform that the new European patent (EP2285914) regarding novel environmental friendly anti-microbial adhesion agents for anti-fouling paints, has been granted. The technology is patented also in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

The novel ecologically compatible anti-microbial-adhesion- agent mentioned above is mainly based on natural substances, that make it biocide-free, as well as anti-fouling paints containing such an anti-microbial-adhesion agent.

The known anti-fouling paints contain anti-fouling agents, that is substances capable of preventing or hindering the bio-fouling phenomenon. Bio-fouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, animals or algae on the surfaces of submerged structures, in particular boat hulls.

The substances used as anti-fouling agents in the existing anti-fouling paints for boats actually present a broad-range biocide activity, in particular organic tin compounds (such as tributyltin, TBT), cuprous compounds and mercury-containing compounds. However, these substances are toxic and thus harmful to the environment.

The present technology has the goal of overcoming the toxicity of the anti-fouling agents commonly used in the anti- fouling paints for boats and show several advantages:

– They contain non-toxic substances with little or no biocide-activity, in particular vanillin, which is naturally-derived and biodegradable and has a reducing effect on the growth of microorganisms;
– Using this technology allow also to meet the strictest regulation about biocidal products;
– Due to such eco-compatibility features, the anti-microbial-adhesion agent is advantageously suitable to be used in paints and in general in anti-fouling coatings for boat hulls or any surface designated to be in continuous contact with the water environment.

The technology in the new ecological anti-microbial adhesion agents for anti-fouling paints reflects the never-ending efforts of Nanto Cleantech Inc to implement advanced solutions for different sectors and to be respectful of the environment.