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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.



Nanto Cleantech Inc. is always striving to develop advanced materials with cutting-edge technologies and improve functionalities such as anti-corrosion and fire retardancy with an eye on the environment.

Its current research entitled “Multifunctional coating based on nano fillers and natural substances” has been chosen for an oral presentation at the 2018 American Coatings Conferencein Indianapolis, in a competitive selection among over 215 high quality abstracts. The American Coatings Conference is the major technology forum for coating industry, which will take place April 9-11, 2018, in conjunction with the American Coatings Show, which is held April 10-12, 2018.

The company research’s aim is to propose a new multifunctional coating system to cope with the demand for control and management of ships’ biofouling. The system contains anti-corrosion and anti-friction properties using technologies that are cost-effective and environment-friendly.

The company recently exploits its own patent portfolio with high barrier paints US6878767 patent for anticorrosion and novel environmental friendly anti-microbial anti-fouling coating US8398759B2 patent for Nanto Paint Bio green©, creating a cross disruptive cleantech solutions to preserve lakes, rivers and oceans. Nanto Paint Bio green© along with the new technology RedFriCoat© for antifriction purposes, are biocide free for an environment-friendly technology.

The presentation at 2018 ACC is scheduled for Monday April 9, from 4:00 to 4:30 pm within the Functional and Smart Coating Session and the paper will also be considered for publication in American Coatings Association’s affiliated journals. Moreover, the best overall conference paper will be chosen by the 2018 ACC Program Committee to receive the American Coatings Award.

Nanto Cleantech Inc. wish to thank American Coatings Association for this opportunity, and invite you to join it at the conference. This is a great chance to ask questions about the topic and receive immediate answers.