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Nanto Cleantech’s patent for fire retardant applications has been granted in Mexico

Events like the Grenfell Tower fire which occurred on June 2017 in London show us how fire has a double role in our life. It helps us dealing with different daily matters from cooking to heating, but could also be the main cause of sad negative events. For these reasons it is extremely important to be protected as more as possible from fire accidents in different situation with materials which are flame retardant, that is reduce the risk of fire.

Nanto Cleantech has made constant efforts to develop new advanced materials for different applications, including fire retardancy. Moreover, it is always committed to find cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions, in respect of the regulations in force.

The company has covered through a patent its technology concerning fire retardant materials, which is composed by polymers, plastics and elastomeric-based materials comprising modified nanoclays.

The technology allows a significant reduction of traditional flame retardant chemicals.

This patent covers the use of nanoclays with all kind of traditional fire-retardant chemicals for the main polymers and for several types of market applications (automotive, electronics, buildings, aerospace and others). It has already been granted in USA, Japan, Eurasia, China, South Africa, Israel and many more and it has recently been granted in Mexico too. It is pending in Brazil, Canada, Europe, India and South Korea.

The innovation of this technology underlies in the features of nanoclays which results in a reduction of the amount of fire retardant used and consequently in a cost-saving and increased safety, maintaining the overall performance. In case of bromine-based fire-retardant chemicals, the bromine can be reduced to achieve a less negative environment impact.

The company is planning to keep expanding its patent portfolio, to protect and exploit its intellectual properties as a means to create value and competitive advantage.


About Nanto Cleantech:

Nanto Cleantech is a US based Industrial Intellectual Property and Technology Holding Company with affiliates in United States, Europe and Israel. It is focused on advanced materials based on proprietary nanotechnology that significantly improve performances of multi-functional coatings and polymers for anticorrosion, flame retardant and antistick applications. Its specialty materials are designed and developed with a proprietary worldwide patent portfolio already granted in 110 countries.

Sustainability through innovation is the driving force of all activities. The challenge is to develop eco-friendly materials, largely reducing or eliminating hazardous toxic chemical inhibitors with a green energy saving production process based on water, 90% recycle, while maintaining high quality, long durability and costs to competitive levels.


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