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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.


Oil & Gas


Fire and corrosion are among the major threats experienced within the Oil&Gas industry. Corrosion and fire prevention management strategies need to be continuously reviewed to ensure compliance with statutory health, safety and environmental regulations.
Nanto Cleantech offers technological solutions for the management of Oil&Gas criticalities arising from processes of material degradation and failure, including:

  • Corrosion inhibiting/anticorrosion coatings specifically suited for Oil&Gas onshore and offshore installations (crude oil and chemical storage tanks, in out pipes, pipelines and valves, metal end cap seals, etc.)
  • Fire retardant polymers, tailored to withstand the challenges of the Oil&Gas operating environments (plant components and elastomeric seals)
  • Customized products. Nanto Cleantech has in-house pilot plant available and completely dedicated to foster the development of new materials engineered to endure the many challenges of the Oil&Gas industry. NCT engineers and experts are constantly in touch with customers and selected collaborators to identify the best technological solutions to specific needs. Customer feedbacks are extremely valued at Nanto Cleantech and represent the real driving force for product improvement.