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PLASTICO (Plastic Cover For Marine Engine)



Nanto Protective Coating S.r.l. is the coordinator of the PLASTICO project (Plastic Cover For Marine Engine), an R&D initiative launched the 9th May 2017 in the Maritime Technologies area. Project activities, co-financed by European Fund for Regional Development, are part of the priorities of the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Asse 1 Action 1.3.b.

PLASTICO aims to formulate and engineer a new polymer matrix composite, for the production of a marine engine cover able to meet the regulation requirements (SOLAS).

The multifunctional material will substitute aluminium, which is currently used, and will have the following features: reduced weight, fire retardancy, noise protection, mechanical strength, thermal insulation and low volatility. The novel cover will offer advantages also during the assembly and maintenance phases, due to its low weight.

The project pays attention to environmental sustainability with a study about Life Cycle Assessment of the identified material, generating a significant energy saving during the production process.



BUDGET: 1.051.529,98 Euro

PARTNER: Nanto Protective Coating S.r.l. (Coordinator), AEP Polymers S.r.l. and University of Trieste



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