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Disruptive technologies to protect your assets for cost-effective industrial applications.

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Prof. Shmuel Kenig

Dean of the faculty of Engineering & Head of Master Degree Plastics Engineering Dept at Shenkar University Tel Aviv – Israel, M.Sc. BSc in Chemical Engineering, PhD in Engineering; he has held senior research and development positions in industry in the U.S. Professor Kenig is active in professional associations in Israel and abroad and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Israel Polymer and Plastic Society and is a Fellow of the International Association of Plastics Engineering.

Prof. Hanna Dodiuk

Head of Plastics Engineering Dept. at Shenkar University Tel Aviv – Israel, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry, before joining Shenkar she worked for the Israeli Armament Development Authority (ADA) helding the position of Director of Materials and Processes Department. Prof. Dodiuk specializes in the areas of adhesion and adhesives science and technology, characterization and formulation of polymer adhesives, polymer composites, dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers, surface and interfaces analysis, nanotechnology and aging of polymeric materials.

Prof. Voytek Gutowski

Chief Research Scientist at the CSIRO Materials Science University – Melburne Australia, M.Sc. and Ph.D, is known nationally and internationally for his work in developing and commercialising multifunctional surfaces and interphases for bonding and electrostatic coating of polymers, composites, wood and bio-based materials; his current project are: eco-sustainable zero waste coating technologies; functional coatings.

Prof. Flavio Deflorian

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Technology at University of Trento – Italy, PhD in Materials Engineering and MSc in Advanced Materials Technology. Prof Deflorian is an expert in the use of electrochemical techniques for the characterisation of materials properties, corrosion protection by organic coatings, sintered metals, new pretreaments for metal surfaces and wear-corrosion.

Prof. Pierluigi Bonora

Full Professor Material Science & Engineering at University of Trento – Italy, has a long lasting experience in corrosion and materials protection for civil, industrial and marine paints, coatings, metal coatings, inorganic and composites; pretreat metal surfaces, reliability, security, quality, certification, materials and design equipment.

Dr. Alessandro Piras

Degree in Chemistry , PhD in Chemical technologies and advanced materials, he is technology expert at De Tullio & Partners Intellectual Property Attorneys, chairman at Italian patent information users group- AIDB, Patent analyst and innovation technology expert at Dintec scrl. He is involved in patent drafting, technology assessment and patent search: special focus on advanced materials, nanotechnology, environmental technologies. He boasts collaboration relationships with national and international authorities, institutions and associations that operate in the sector of intellectual property.

Dr. Ennio Capria

Double Degree in Material Sciences at Politecnico of Turin and Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Montpellier, PhD in Material Science at the University of Cranfield, he is R&D Manager and Health & Environmental Officer (including nanosafety). His background includes studies in the field of nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes and nanomedicine. Ennio is engaged in the management of the R&D activities, with particular attention to the technical support to business development and commercial activities and to the management of the production and QA activities with external collaborators